Public Works

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The Village of Los Lunas Public Works Department consists of six (6) divisions. Each division plans and directs the implementations of goals, work objectives and work standards within their assigned responsibilities.

The responsibilities, activities and services include street maintenance, solid waste collection, waste water treatment, fleet maintenance, water/sewer production and distribution; in addition, to street light, right-of-way, traffic lights and sidewalk maintenance.

The Public Works Department goal is to plan, develop, maintain and construct the Village of Los Lunas Infrastructure. This includes road surface management, storm water collection, water distribution and sanitary collections systems in support of current and future development and growth within the Village. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in the Village of Los Lunas.

Solid Waste             Street            Water Sewer

Solid Waste Division                            Street Division              Water/Sewer Division

Fleet Maintenance             waste-water                  Los Lunas Utility Billing

Fleet Maintenance Division                  Waste Water Treatment Division   Utility Billing Division

Special Projects

I-25 Corridor                         NM-6 Beautification

I-25 East/West Corridor Project                       NM 6 Beautification Project

  1. Michael Jaramillo, Public Works Director

    Michael Jaramillo

    Public Works Director

  2. Brittany Armijo

    Assistant Public Works Director

  3. Public Works

    Physical Address
    1259 Hwy. 314 SW
    Los Lunas, NM 87031

    Mailing Address
    660 Main St. NW
    Los Lunas, NM 87031