Village of Los Lunas Storm Water Drainage System

Village of Los Lunas Drainage System


The Village of Los Lunas Street Division owns and maintains 156 acres of storm water retention ponds within the community. These drainage ponds are man-made and their purpose is to store rainfall from the streets.

They are an efficient and cost-effective land drainage system; because fewer storm water drainage pipes are used in carry storm water runoff to the Rio Grande River. They also benefit our environment by acting as a natural filter- they help remove sediment and chemicals.

Street Sweeper
Street sweeping and storm drain cleanout practices rank among the oldest practices used by communities in providing a clean and healthy environment, and more recently to comply with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regarding storm water permits.
Regular maintenance and inspection practices are required:

  • Inspect for damage.
  • Monitor for sediment accumulation.
  • Examine to ensure that inlet and outlet devices are free of debris and operational.
  • Mow side slopes.
  • Manage and harvest plants and trees.
To report damage or issues please call (505) 352-7744