Waste Water Treatment Plant Division

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The Waste Water Treatment Plant Division of the Village of Los Lunas operate two (2) waste water treatment plants (WWTP), the original activated sludge treatment plant and the newly constructed membrane bioreactor treatment plant. The two plants operate in tandem as separate plants to treat the wastewater (solids and liquids) generated by over 6000 residential and commercial customers within the Village. Liquid effluent is disinfected within each respective plant and blended prior to discharge to the Rio Grande. Solids are treated and after the final digestion process, transported and land applied to the 220-acre sludge disposal site located on Dalies Road south of NM 6, west of the Village. Staff personnel attend yearly training courses to achieve and maintain the highest level of Wastewater Systems Utility Operator certification recognized by the NM Water Quality Control Commission to ensure operations are in compliance with New Mexico Environmental Department and EPA Standards and conform to the Village’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and Ground Water Discharge Plan permits.

Division staff have pioneered a Grease Trap Inspection program designed to reduce buildup caused by excess amounts of grease within the sanitary sewer collection lines as well as reducing problems at the WWTP associated with grease. Staff personnel publish information within the monthly billing statement as well as in the Valencia County News Bulletin around the holiday season to inform residential customers on how to reduce discharging grease down the drains. In addition, personnel conduct site visits to local restaurants to inspect their grease traps and provide tips on how to maintain and clean the traps to prevent overflow and leakage into the sanitary collection system. This effort helps to reduce maintenance and operation costs within the collection system and WWTP’s alike.

Daily and Weekly Operations Within the Division Include:

  • Maintenance of the activated sludge and membrane bioreactor treatment plants.
  • Maintenance of the sludge handling facilities.
  • Hauling and land application of sludge to the sludge disposal site.
  • Daily water sampling and testing.
  • Laboratory analysis.
  • Fiscal reports and administration.
  • 23 Lift Stations
  • 24-Hour on call coverage of plant facilities.
Special Notices:

  1. Craig Byers 2

    Craig Byers

    WWTP Superintendent

  2. Michael Jaramillo, Public Works Director

    Michael Jaramillo

    Public Works Director

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