Village of Los Lunas Street Landscapes

Street Landscapes

Camelot Road Landscape Project 2013Camelot Road Landscape Project 2013
Los Morros Road Landscape Project 2014Los Morros Road Landscape Project 2014

Go native or choose plants that need less water. Once established, native and low water-using plants require little water beyond normal rainfall. If you’ve designed a water-smart landscape, you might be able to get all the water you need from rainfall alone.

The Village of Los Lunas Street Division is committed to employ water conservation techniques in all street landscapes without extensive watering, fertilization and pesticide applications.

NM 6 Landscape Project 2015NM 6 Landscape Project 2015
Taylor Road Landscape Project 2013Taylor Road Landscape Project 2013

A properly designed street landscape improves the communities’ curb appeal. In 2016, NM 314 GAP, NM 314 Bike Lane and Main Street NM I-25 Beautification Projects are scheduled to be completed. Each project will employ smart watering conservation methods.