Used Syringe Disposal

The issue of used syringes is an ongoing problem in every community.

Many of us relay on obtaining essential medication through the use of a syringe; however, many residents choose to dispose of them in public park receptacles, recycle bins, commercial trash bins and/or residential trash barrels.

Sharps Disposal

The Los Lunas Community Program will only accept used syringes in an approved sharps container for proper disposal. These containers can be purchased at a local Walgreens or Walmart store. In addition, containers can be dropped off at:

Los Lunas Community Program
445 Camino Del Rey, Suit A
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031

From 8 A.M to 5 P.M.

Due to liability issues our Solid Waste Team is not permissible to pick up any containers or used syringes from private property. Please support the proper disposal of used syringes. We would be very appreciative.