Any adjustment to a legally defined parcel boundary within the Village limits, whether for a minor lot line adjustment or a full subdivision, requires approval by the Village of Los Lunas.  All subdivision procedures can be found in the Los Lunas Subdivision Code.  Anyone considering any subdivision procedure, even the most simple, must meet with the Planning Division for a preapplication meeting. Contact the Planning Division if you have questions or need to schedule a meeting.

Quick guide to Los Lunas Subdivision Procedures:

Summary Procedure: An abridged, administrative procedure where parcel boundaries are adjusted, total number of parcels is decreased, or a minimal number of additional parcels are created, with NO IMPACT to public infrastructure.  Summary procedure typically includes family splits.

Minor Subdivision Procedure: A public hearing procedure where additional lots are created in excess of the number allowed by summary procedure, but the total increase in lots is still minimal and there is no major impact to public infrastructure. 

Major Subdivision Procedure: The full subdivision procedure, with approval for both preliminary plat and final plat through separate public hearings.  New public infrastructure expected to be developed.

Plat Vacation Procedure: A public hearing process to vacate a portion of a previously approved plat, when no other boundary line adjustments are being made that would accomplish the vacation.  Often applies to easements.