What is the Museum's mission?

Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts Mission Statement

The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts connects the present generation to the history of Los Lunas, surrounding communities and the State of New Mexico, inspiring a deeper appreciation and understanding of the area’s rich heritage.

The Museum accomplishes this by providing exhibitions and programs that enable its users to understand and learn from the past in ways that enrich their present lives and help them shape a better future

In keeping with this mission, the Museum seeks to:

  • Collect the oral histories, photos and artifacts of long time area residents and businesses
  • Preserve and archive the oral histories and artifacts collected
  • Provide an educational outlet by exhibiting selected histories, arts, traveling displays and sponsoring guest speakers
  • Provide genealogical materials in electronic and hard copy format for research purposes

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1. What is the Museum's mission?
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