Facebook Los Lunas Data Center

The Village of Los Lunas is proud to announce that the global company, Facebook, will build a data center in the Village of Los Lunas.

This is great economic development news for the Village of Los Lunas and the State of New Mexico. After competing aggressively with Utah, Los Lunas won out due to the pro-economic development leadership of our elected officials, the hard work and professionalism of the Village staff, and the efforts of our economic development partners at the state level.

Once the Facebook Data Center is completed, we are expecting a minimum of 30 full-time jobs and a $250 million investment for the first phase. There could be up to six phases. Other big news is that this project will stimulate 200-500 construction jobs on site, daily.

This project is an economic development game changer for the State of New Mexico, providing “multiplier spending effects” that benefits workers and business owners in other sections of the local and regional economies. Also, the data center construction will generate millions of dollars in economic impact beyond the amount directly spent by the company, and typically support thousands of jobs over multiple years.

And finally, there is often a ”follow the leader” effect – once a large data center project locates in an area, other related businesses will follow shortly afterwards.

Facebook Construction Information

Fortis Construction, the Portland, Oregon - based contractors for the Facebook data center, have broken ground and construction is under way!  If you are interested in employment with Fortis, there are a number of options.

Individuals seeking employment on this project can view job opportunities on the Fortis Construction website here.  Subcontractors may also have job opportunities - contact  those companies directly to find out more about those positions. 

There will be periodic job fairs hosted by Fortis, the first of which will be happening soon, after the majority of subcontractors have been selected for the project.  This website will be updated with the date and time as soon as it is announced.

Finally, email Fortis directly at relationships@fortisconstruction.com to send information about you or your company.

For more information, visit Fortis Construction, Inc.'s website, or join the Fortis Construction Los Lunas Facebook group!