Explorer Program

LLPD ExplorersThe Los Lunas Police Department will soon be unveiling its new Explorer Program. The Explorer Program is for young adults who will be entering their junior and senior years of high school. The Explorer program is through Boy Scouts of America and the Los Lunas Police Department will be working with School Resource Officers from the Los Lunas Schools. The applicant’s school disciplinary record will be used as one part of the criteria for entrance into the program along with an interview. The Department has built a strong partnership with the Los Lunas Schools and recognizes that the Explorer program is an educational experience. The school system is very supportive by allowing the use of facilities and contributing to the program by getting the School Resource Officers involved.

Through the Explorer program, young adults will gain valuable experience that will aide them in either making the choice to make law enforcement a career or to do something else. The program will open up future career opportunities by developing future contacts, boosting self-confidence and experiencing success at school and at work. They will develop leadership skills to fulfill our responsibilities in society and provide exposure to different leadership traits. The program also helps the young adults make ethical choices and encourages the skills and desire to help others. They will develop physical and mental fitness and experience positive social interaction.

One of the most important goals of this program is to peak the law enforcement interests of the young adults in Los Lunas. We want to give them a good background in law enforcement and encourage them to go to college. Once they have received their education, they will come back and apply with the department, contributing to the community who contributed to them.