Facility Use


Park Permits

Shade structures, gazebos or park space is on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to reserve the Gazebo at Daniel Fernandez Park, or the Gazebo area at River Park, there will be a fee of $75.00. You are required to fill out a park permit 1 week prior to your event. Our parks can be used for birthday’s, picnic’s, weddings, or any other family social activities you are interested in holding.

***Note: Your gathering will be asked to move if an area of the park has been previously reserved by another group.

Online Park Permit

Special Events

Any group, organization, club, or resident requesting to use any Village of Lunas Park, Recreation, Sports, or Open Space facility involving two hundred (200) or more persons must submit a Special Events permit 60 sixty days prior to the event. Contact Marcos Castillo for more information.

Sports Fields

Sports playing fields and gymnasiums may be reserved for recurring practice and projected game dates. A letter stating the name of the organization, purpose, dates and time requested must be submitted to the parks and recreation department for scheduling at least sixty (60) days in advance of the first practice or game. Scheduling of playing fields will be on a first come first serve basis. Events sponsored by the Village of Los Lunas will take priority on scheduling of parks, sports facilities and gymnasiums. Youth Sports Facility Use Agreement

Note: the Village of Los Lunas and 

Los Lunas School District

maintain a “Memorandum of Understanding” allowing the Recreation Division


to schedule and utilize school facilities; all requirements must be obtained in allowing use of school facilities.

El Cerro de Los Lunas Preserve & River Park

A permit is required if any type of recreational activity other than walking or hiking is requested on the El Cerro de Los Lunas Preserve. The River park shade structure can be reserved for a fee of $75. Online Park Permit

For more information contact the Open Space Division.

Click here for a copy of the rules and regulations pertaining all parks and open space facilities. It shall be unlawful (ordinance no. 358) for a person to violate any provisions of a permit.

Online Park Permit