Peralta, NM

Peralta is located on the Lo de Padilla Land Grant which was granted by the King of Spain prior to the 1690 Pueblo Revolt and reclaimed in 1718. Peralta, itself as a community, is first mentioned in Catholic Church records in 1835. Peralta has a rich an colorful history having been the Valencia County Seat for a brief period from 1848-1852 and the during the retreat of the confederate forces from the territory the "Battle of Peralta" took place near and around the home of the Territorial Governor Henry Connelly. Entering into the 20th century Peralta joined Los Lunas and Belen as one of the three economic centers of the county. However, unlike the other two communities and being by-passed by the railroad, Peralta settled into being a small farming community for nearly the next 100 years.

With the pressures of growth and facing inevitable change the residents of the community overwhelmingly voted to incorporate Peralta as a municipality in 2007. On July 1, 2007, the Town of Peralta became New Mexico's 103 municipality. Peralta shares common borders with the Village of Bosque Farms, the Village of Los Lunas, and Isleta Pueblo. It is located in the North East Rio Grande Valley of Valencia County and encompasses the entire width of the valley from the river on the west to the escarpment, sand hills, (La Ladera) on the east.

Peralta is bisected by NM Highway 47, the primary thoroughfare in east Valencia County, which defines the commercial district that the new Town Council is eager to promote for development. Working with the NM Department of Transportation it is anticipated that a new "community friendly" redesign of the highway will soon be realized that will include a turning lane, adequate drainage, lighting, and improved intersections.

The Town of Peralta has a population of 4,890, estimated, as of July 1, 2006 and 1,844 housing units. Valencia County noted that there are approximately 140 business licenses issued within the new corporate boundary with some of the major businesses located on NM 47. There are approximately 2,858.7 acres (4.466 Sq. Miles) within the town that includes the commercial district and the outlying agricultural residential areas. Peralta Elementary School, grades K - 6, serves the area children and is part of the Los Lunas School District. Residents are proud to tout that the school is one of the finest in the district.

The Peralta Town Council consist of a Mayor and four Councilors along with a Municipal Judge.