2022 Summer Recreation

ONLINE registration for Summer Recreation will begin on Friday, April 1st at 8am.  Space is extremely limited!  Register for each week you plan to have your child attend, the registration for all 7 weeks is open immediately.  As space will be so limited, you will need to register for all weeks that your child plans to attend, right away.  Cost will be $30/week per child.  There are no session this summer, all registration is weekly.  A registration button will be on this website on April 1st, once registration is open. 

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Who's Eligible
To be eligible for the program, your child MUST HAVE COMPLETED kindergarten during the 2021-2022 school year.  You may be asked to provide proof of age through a report card. We will register children up to the age of 12.

Insurance (Medical)
The Village of Los Lunas and the Los Lunas Schools ARE NOT responsible for insurance coverage for your child. In case of injury/accident the parent or guardians is completely responsible for any and all medical costs.

Program Responsibility
The Summer Recreation Program is a service to children in the Los Lunas School District; it is intended to provide educational, health, and wellness activities as a service. Remember, it is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT to participate.  You do not have to live in the Los Lunas School District, or attend a Los Lunas School to attend this program.

Recreation Hours
Recreation will be held Monday-Thursday from 8am-5pm.  You may drop off anytime until 9:30am, after 9:30am we cannot guarantee that we will not be on a field trip.  If you arrive after this time, and all groups are on a field trip, your child will not be allowed to attend summer rec that day.

Discipline Policies
Children will be given one verbal warning which will be documented in the child’s file. After the verbal warning, they will be put on suspension. If the issues persist they will no longer be able to attend Summer Recreation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

Swimming Policies
In order for your child to participate in swimming, he/she must be self-sufficient in the water. Participation is not required. 

COVID Safe Practices
We ask that you do not send your child to summer recreation if they are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID, or if they have been directly exposed to someone that tested positive. There will be no refunds issued if shut down due to COVID.  
The Village of Los Lunas is not responsible for lost, broken, or damaged personal property. We highly discourage children from bringing any electronics including; cell phones, I-pods, gaming systems, etc.


  1. Marcos Castillo

    Recreation Supervisor
    Phone: (505) 352-7662

  2. Jorge Venegas

    Sports Coordinator

  3. Matthew Jaramillo

    Recreation Specialist

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