Community Parks

Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park
Danial Fernandez Park
Description: (1) Recreation center, (1) adult softball field, (1) football field, (1) basketball court, (2) tennis courts,(2) playgrounds, (8) picnic shelters, gazebo, public restrooms.
Acres: 16.99

Established: 1972

Address: 1103 Hwy 314 SW

Heritage Park
Heritage Park
Description: (1) Los Lunas Visitor Center, (1) Los Lunas Wellness Center, (2) soccer fields, (2) basketball courts, (1) playground, (3) sand volleyball courts, public restrooms, walking trail, 100` x 100` Skate Park.
Acres: 13.47

Established: 1999

Address: 3447 Lambros Rd SE

Los Lunas Sports Plex
Sports Plex Playground
Description: Badlands BMX Track, (4) soccer fields,
(2) softball fields, playground

Acres: 30.80

Established: 1998

Address: 1600 Hwy 314 SW

Riverside Park
River Park Stack Wall
Description: nature trails, picnic tables, fishing, stack wall 

Acres: 7

Established: 1990

Address: 1601 Main St SE

Huning Ranch Park
Description: Walking Path, Basketball Courts, Two Playgrounds, Swings, Energi Fitness area, Picnic Shelters, 4 acre grassed field, and Parking..more information

Acres: 12

Established: 2010

Address: 400 Huning Ranch Loop East

Buena Vista Park
Buena Vista Playground
Description: Basketball court, playground, grass field.

Acres: 3

Established: 2005

Address:  Carrisa Ct

Enchantment Little League
Enchantment Little League
Description: (4) baseball fields, (1) softball field, (1) tee-ball field

Acres: 10

Established: 1983

Address: 1251 Hwy 314 SW

Los Cerritos Park
Los Cerritos Playground
Description: Basketball court, playground, picnic tables, grass field.

Acres: 6.19

Established: 1999

Address: 1501 Los Cerritos Rd SW

San Antonio Park
San Antonio Park
Description: Walking Path, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Two Playgrounds, Picnic Shelters, 2 acre grassed field, and Parking

Acres: 5

Established: 2008

Address: 1819 North Los Lentes Rd NE

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