Rules and Regulations

Any person, persons or groups utilizing any parks and recreation facility or open public space area shall adhere to the following regulations:

A. Glass containers will not be used in any Parks and Recreation Facility or in any public open space area.

B. Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed or sold in any Parks and Recreation Facility or in any public open space area, except that beer and wine may be dispensed and consumed during public celebrations wherein a special dispensers permit and Village Resolution has been issued and it complies with all other state statutes and Village Ordinances.

C. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only. Only cars with a handicap license plate, placard, or sticker may park in the handicap accessible parking spaces.

D. Motorized all terrain vehicles are prohibited on any parks, recreation facility, trails, public open space property, except in park areas designated for motor vehicle use.

E. Motorized vehicles are not permitted beyond parking lots. Parking on any grass areas is not allowed unless a special permit has been issued by the Community Services Department allowing parking on the grass.

F. The use of equipment, picnic tables, benches, are on a first come first serve basis except if a park permit; in which the park permit shall take precedence over all other users, is issued by the Community Services Department.

G. Users are responsible for the removal of all trash they produce and must leave the area clean.

H. Small pets such as dogs may be walked in the Parks and Recreation Facilities but they must be leashed at all times and the owner is responsible for any necessary clean up.

I. Large animals such as horses and mules are permitted on all established trails and roadways and designated areas, and are excluded from cultivated grassed areas and sports playing fields.

J. Feeding, disturbing, molesting, or killing wildlife is prohibited on park/open space property. Hunting and trapping are not allowed. Relocating or releasing animals onto park/open space properties is not allowed.

K. Discharging of firearms, crossbows, fireworks, explosives or projectile weapons of any kind are not permitted. This includes paintball, BB, pellet, air, and blow guns; rockets, crossbows, longbows and slingshots.

L. Open fires are prohibited in all Parks and Recreation Facilities. Self contained cooking devices such as gas fueled stoves and charcoal fueled grills may be used in areas authorized by the Fire Department.

M. Erecting, placing or moving any equipment, signs or structure onto or within a park is not allowed without permission from the Community Services Department.

N. Collecting, removing, destroying or defacing any natural or man-made object within any park or open space area including trees, down timber, branches, shrubbery, plants, flowers, fences, signs, kiosks, restrooms, cultural resources or shelters is not allowed.

I. Any person under the age of 18 years of age shall wear an approved bicycle helmet, skateboard, and in-line skate helmet within all Village parks, recreation facility, open space, and skate park facilities.

A. Parks will be open at 6 am and close ½ hour after sunset. It shall be unlawful for any person to enter or remain in a park at any other time without a park use permit except when the park area or facility is otherwise designated by the Village, or the park area or facility is being used as part of an authorized Village program.

B. The Director of Community Services, his/her designee or an on-duty police officer, code enforcement officer, park ranger are authorized to close any park or portion thereof at any time for the protection of park property or the public health, safety or welfare.

For more information on the Rules and Regulations contact
Park Ranger Pat Jaramillo