Daniel Fernandez Recreation Center

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Interested in Rejuvenating Yourself By Becoming Physically Fit?

Check out all the ways we at Daniel Fernandez Recreation Center can help you achieve your goals!

Work out in our equipped weight room, participate in the many classes offered by our aerobic instructors, or come in and play a friendly game of basketball on our courts designed for adults and youth.

Daniel Fernandez Recreation Center located at 1103 Hwy 314 Los Lunas, NM, is a public recreational facility located inside Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park. The center houses a basketball gym, fitness center, aerobics room, and offices. 

A HERO REMEMBERED......Daniel D. Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park & Recreation Center was dedicated in 1972 in honor of Daniel D. Fernandez. Daniel Fernandez was born on June 30th 1944 and grew up in Los Lunas.Daniel Fernandez was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Hau Nghia Province, Republic of Vietnam. In February 1966 (at age 22) Daniel Fernandez threw himself on a live grenade sacrificing his life  to save the lives of the soldiers around him.