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Ayer, Hoy, Y Mañana - Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow: An Exhibition of Traditional Hispanic Arts

The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts is pleased to invite you to experience Ayer, Hoy, y Mañana - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Exhibition of Traditional Hispanic Arts. The exhibit will be on display March 1, 2019 - May 3, 2019.

Ayer, Hoy Y Mañana Exhibit

Village of Los Lunas Art Museum

Casey is in Los Lunas chatting with Nicolas Otero and Charles Sanchez Jr. about the Art Museum.

Ayer, Hoy Y Mañana - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: An Exhibition of Traditional & Contemporary Hispanic Arts  is a guide to the exhibit of the same title at the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts. 

Curated by artist Nicolas Otero, this landmark exhibit is the first time that so many artists have been highlighted under one roof. The guide contains the biographies of these sixty-four artists and photos of their work.

The 6" x 9" guide also includes a forward by Rudolfo Anaya.

You can purchase your copy at the Museum of Heritage & Arts for $20.00. 

The posters are available for $5.00. 

For more information call (505)352-7720.


Thursday, April 11th 6pm

Ayer Hoy y Manana Postcard 1

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion featuring award winning Artists Tim Lucero, Roxanne Shaw Galindo, Nicolás Otero, & Gabriel Vigil

Saturday, April 27th

Historic Los Lunas Tour

Travel back in time as we tour five historic buildings in Los Lunas. Included on the tour are the Huning hacienda; the Luna-Otero Mansion; Teofilo’s Restaurante to dine in the former home of Dr. W.F. Wittwer (pictured); Teri’s Sweet Garden, and La Capilla de San Antonio de Los Lentes.

$20.00 per person

Call to RSVP (505)352-7720


rt 66 workshop

Village of Los Lunas Quality of Life Assessment Survey

The Village of Los Lunas would like the public’s input to help determine priorities for quality of life amenities, including library and cultural services, parks and recreation, and transportation. A survey has been created that asks a range of questions regarding how often you use these facilities, your relative satisfaction with services and facilities, capital improvement priorities, etc. The results from this survey will provide the Village with a better understanding of your needs and priorities relative to these services.

The survey is available on Survey Monkey as follows: Hard copies of the survey are also available at Village Hall, Los Lunas Transportation Center, Los Lunas Public Library, and the Fred Luna Multi-Generational Center. The survey will be open until March 31, 2019. For more information, please contact the Los Lunas Community Services Department: (505) 352-3584 or Jackie Fishman at Consensus Planning: (505) 764-9801.