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Posted on: May 4, 2018

Be Water Wise about Los Lunas' Water Waste Restrictions

Village of Los Lunas Water Waste Restrictions

A. No person, firm, corporation, or government facility or operation shall cause, or permit to occur any water waste or the flow of fugitive water onto adjacent properties or public right-of-way whether served by the municipal water utility or by a private well. 

B. The following restrictions apply to all properties that use spray irrigation within the municipal limits or are served by the municipal water utility: 

1.       Beginning April 1st through September 30th, spray irrigation is allowed only from six p.m. to ten a.m. on all properties.

2.       Shut-off nozzles are required on any hoses used for hand watering, vehicle or equipment washing, or other outdoor uses. 

3.       Additional scheduling or restrictions may be applied during declared drought or emergency events.

C. The water waste restrictions do not apply to the following: 

1.    Outdoor watering performed with permanent drip irrigation system, sub-surface irrigation, harvested water, or greywater is exempt; 

2.    Watering of containerized plants and nursery plant stock is exempt; 

3.    Repair and maintenance of irrigation systems; 

4.    Single-day irrigation needed for application of chemicals for maintenance of existing or new landscape; 

5.    Use of potable water for dust control or soil compaction when no alternative source is available;

6.    Nonprofit car washes held as fundraisers if vehicles are washed using hand-held buckets and hoses equipped with shut-off nozzles.


Call (505) 839-3842 or (505) 839-3841 to report water waste or to ask for more information.

Waste Water Restriction Details
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