Subdivision Ordinance Revisions

The Village of Los Lunas is working to revise its Subdivision Ordinance, and will be presenting the proposed revisions before the Planning and Zoning Commission throughout 2017.  Please review the attached information below to follow along with the public hearing process.  If you would like to be placed on an email list to receive regular updated about upcoming meetings, or to inquire about the process, please contact Erin Callahan, Special Projects Planner, at 

The Community Development took a long break over the summer from working on the subdivision ordinance, and now we are back on the case and working toward preparing a final draft to present to Council by late fall. At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on August 16, we discussed all of our Procedures chapters one final time before we move on to some new material we have not yet addressed in P&Z discussion.

Prior to the summer, we had begun to work on our procedures chapters. Currently, we have Preapplication Procedure, Preliminary Plat Procedure, Final Map Procedure, and Plat Vacations. After much discussion at the P&Z meetings in April and May, we have decided to move forward with drafts for Pre-Application Procedure, Summary Plat Procedure, Minor Subdivision Procedure, Major Subdivision Procedure – Preliminary Plat, Major Subdivision Procedure – Final Plat, and Plat Vacation Procedure. Minor Subdivision Procedure would be a new procedure for the Village, but is common in other communities and could provide a way for us to address development that requires a public hearing but may not be intense enough to warrant the full requirements of preliminary plat and final plat.

Please review the draft of the Procedures chapters below, which includes any important changes or remaining matters to address noted in the column to the right.

Our next discussion meeting has been postponed from September 20, 2017 and will now be held on October 4, 2017.  At this meeting, we will discuss updates to the Improvements and Water Rights Chapters of the ordinance, and the proposed Public Parks Chapter.

The dates for the next two meetings are:

October 4, 2017: Improvements, Public Parks, and Water Rights Chapters
October 18, 2017: Presentation of Draft Subdivision Ordinance for Recommendation to Council

We look forward to your continued interest and participation is this project, as we move towards a final draft! 


DRAFT General Provisions Chapter and all Procedures Chapters.
UPDATED_Subdivision Ordinance Flyer_Notice_PZ
Flyer showing all dates for Planning and Zoning Commission hearings on which the subdivision ordinance would be discussed, and topics of discussion.