Weekly Village Update

  1. For the Week of October 10

    This week in the Village...
    • On Saturday, October 15th, the Los Lunas Fire Department held an open house at Station One, which was a huge success. This day was made possible by everyone’s hard work before and during the event. We would like to thank the well over 250 residents that came out to spend the day with us and sponsors (Amanda Vigil Farmers and PHI Air Medical) for the food.
    • On Wednesday, October 12th, the DWI Coordinator attended a Special Community Forum with New Mexico teachers and Dennis Embry, PhD, the developer of the PAX Good Behavior Game. The PAX Good Behavior Game Community Forum gave an overview of how to create a classroom culture where children learn to “self-regulate” and teachers are no longer burdened with classroom management and are able to teach with the following proven positive outcomes: reductions in need for special education, in drug and alcohol dependence, violence, suicide ideation and attempts, and sexual activity with increases in high school graduation rates & college attendance. These are very helpful tools for DWI Program Coordinator Ginny Adame whom works regularly delivering prevention programming in classrooms. 
    • Construction of the Haunted House will begin on October 17th. The gymnasium at Daniel Fernandez Recreation Center will be closed from October 17th-November 2nd. The Haunted House will be open to the public on October 28 & 29.  On Halloween, there will be a mini carnival with games, costume contest, as well as the Haunted House.
  2. For the Week of October 3

    This week in the Village...
    • On October 8, 2016, volunteers from the Los Lunas Fire Department (8), the American Red Cross (2), and Central New Mexico Community College (2), fanned out in the area of Carson Park, one of the Village’s oldest subdivisions to deliver this life safety material. Crews visited over 21 residences, with some of them being pre-scheduled addresses and installed up to 3 detectors in each house. At the end of the event crews had installed over 46 smoke detectors! Each homeowner was talked to about the importance of creating a plan and having at least two ways out of their homes. As crews would leave these homes, the homeowner would express great gratitude for this wonderful service and event.
    • The Police Department speed trailer has been upgraded. The 1st traffic survey was conducted on Los Cerritos with the following results:
      o Los Cerritos at Highline Road / monitoring all southbound traffic
      o Posted speed limit = 30 mph
      o Total vehicles recorded 2263 / Average Speed 28.54 / Max. speed recorded 35 mph
    • The Recreation Division has decided to add a half marathon (13.1 miles) to the King of the Hill Race for 2017. We feel this will add more participants to the race and create a new demand and appreciation for El Cerro de Los Lunas Preserve. This will be the only race of its kind in the county and one of very few trail half marathons in the region. We feel we will draw even more people from the southwest region to the race with this addition.
  3. For the Week of September 26

    This week in the Village...
    • Responded to a request from the New Mexico Municipal League (NMML) regarding the fiscal impact to Los Lunas of previous Municipal Hold Harmless GRT (MHHGRT) legislation. The Village’s annual total of MHHGRT revenue (before the mandated reduction in 2013, which took effect in 2015, and is scheduled to be fully implemented over a fifteen year period at 6-7% per year) is approximately $1.8 million.
    • Village Open Space staff attended 6 hours of dirt bike instructor training with New Mexico Game and Fish. This class allows the Village to start teaching the dirt bike safety class to youth and adults at the Village OHV training site at River Park.
    • The automatic phone messages generated by the Robodial system have made a big difference in our utility billing payments. 46 shut-off tags for cycle one, and 46 tags for cycle 2, delivered this week is a big reduction from the typical 125 to 150 per cycle.
    • Village offices will be closed on Monday, October 12th for the Columbus Day holiday.