Valencia County, of which Los Lunas is the county seat, ranks fifth in the state of New Mexico in median household income. Los Alamos County, home of Los Alamos National Laboratories, ranks first with $67,200; Sandoval is second, $42,300; Santa Fe, third, $37,400; Bernalillo, Albuquerque’s county, fourth, $34,000; and Valencia County, $31,900.

Valencia County population 60,214 (1996). Los Lunas population 10,034 (2000 Census).

Valencia County
Valencia County is populated by several communities. Incorporated areas are the Village of Los Lunas, Village of Bosque Farms, Town of Peralta, City of Belen, and City of Rio Communities. Unincorporated areas include Tome', Adelino, Meadow Lake, El Cerro, Valencia, El Cerro Mission, Las Maravillas, and a few others.

Estimated 1996 Valencia County population was 60,214, a 33 percent increase over the 1990 census. In 1995, Valencia County was the fastest growing county in the state. In 1996, it was the second fastest growing.

In New Mexico all tangible personal and real property is subject to an ad valorem tax which is assessed by each county at the rate of 33.33% of value. Gross receipts (sales) tax are: Los Lunas 6.625%, Belen and Bosque Farms, 6.5%: and Valencia County, 5.9375%.

Gross receipts tax is paid according to where an item is purchased. Purchased in Los Lunas then 6.625%; purchased in Valencia County then 5.6875%. New Mexico levies a tax on the net income of every resident or nonresident employed or engaged in the transaction of business in, into or from the state.

Village of Los Lunas
The Village of Los Lunas has a Mayor and four Village Councilors.

Current officials are:
  • Mayor Charles Griego
  • Gerard Saiz
  • Paulette Sanchez-Montoya
  • Gino Romero
  • Amanda Perea
Los Lunas has a Police Department. The Valencia County Sheriff’s Department, as well as the New Mexico State Police, can be called on for assistance. Naithan Gurule serves as police chief. Municipal Judge is Avilio Chavez.

Los Lunas Fire Department consists of four full-time firefighters and many volunteers provide fire fighting capabilities. One fire station is located in the middle of the Village.

The Village Administration is located at the corner of Don Pasqual and Main Street.

P.O. Box 1209
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 839-3840

The Village Administrator is Gregory D. Martin.