Open Space

The Open Space Division was established in June of 2007 to meet educational and enforcement needs throughout the Village of Los Lunas Community Services Department.

Primary objectives of the Park Ranger includes:

Conservation & Preservation
Park Rangers carry out conservation efforts to protect plant and animal life in park lands from fire, disease, and visitor usage along with historical artifacts.

Protect natural resources through resource management practices, including:
Prevention of illegal dumping
Deter theft of natural resources and artifacts
Graffiti prevention

Public Relations
Park Rangers develop and implement programs to inform visitors of a park's historical, cultural, and natural significance.

Visitor Assistance
Provide information to the general public about park resources, including:
Provide maps and directions
Explain park features
Explain park rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations Enforcement
Ensure compliance with regulations established by the Village of Los Lunas Community Services Parks Department.

Public Safety
Park Rangers engage in patrol duties, address safety concerns, and respond to emergencies.

Safety & Accident Prevention
Patrol parks and natural areas to ensure that both natural and man-made hazards are identified and corrected. Investigate park issues.

Emergency Response
Respond to and help coordinate response to emergency situations, including:
First aid
Medical emergencies
Lost children
Motor vehicle accidents/breakdowns